Realizing the Impossible Dream through Commercial Real Estate

Your dreams shouldn’t have to wait. Commercial real estate is the best way to realize them here and now—and MTIP is the best ticket to that success.

What It's All About

Buyers need sellers, landlords need tenants, and property managers need real estate opportunities. MTIP is found at the intersection in which the goals of these parties meet.

We’re Making the Impossible Possible by bringing your personal and financial goals together with opportunity.

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Our Approach

Our founder chose our company’s name for a reason: we specialize in making those impossible dreams of success a reality for our
customers and partners. Our creative team of expert sales personnel specializes in bridging market trends with technological innovations and unique approaches to accelerate your commercial real estate success.

We’re not just marketing agents. We’re innovators and diligent entrepreneurs, just like you. We use every avenue to execute on our
objectives by combining the latest apps, marketing techniques with real estate opportunities.

1.2m Industrial
4.3m Multi-family
106k Hospitality
1.8m Retail
360k mixed use
28.7m Vacant land
1.050m Office
100m Single family/ residential
970k general commercial
1.25m special purpose


MTIP serves our clients & team through six business lines with services for all property types and people alike. We’ll transform the way you conduct your real estate transaction in ways you never knew were possible, because that’s what we do.

Innovative Systems

Finest Training

Finest Training

MTIP offers its clients and customers the finest training available. Knowledge is power, and we offer you access to overcome any hurdle in your path to success. Since its inception MTIP’s founder Primary vision and focus was to help empower individuals across all walks of life with the insight to transcend the trajectory of one’s life through investing in commercial real estate. Consequently, MTIP University platform was born to help establish a foothold for all to learn the many proprietary trade secrets from the art of prospecting, comping and underwriting, sales & negotiations, arbitrage & syndication and so much more.

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Finest Training

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Innovative Systems

Innovative Systems

What sets MTIP apart is our thoroughly adaptable approach. Our systems are bolstered by the entire pedigree of real estate knowledge, but also implement new technology and platforms to go further than anyone has dared. MTIP Systems was created as the first commercial real estate application marketplace that offers its members direct access to an exclusive list of closed-source softwares used by industry experts for a fraction of the cost. This marketplace is used by all MTIP partners on a day to day basis and is now available to the general public as well.

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Innovative Systems

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The difference between success and failure in real estate often comes down to marketing. We are that difference. We’ve invested millions of dollars, countless man hours, and unrivaled amounts of resources to research, innovate and implement scalable marketing systems that are able to source real buyers, sellers and tenants for any asset class across the United States in just a few clicks of a button. 1PropertyMarket is the result of all of this hard work and effort.

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Real Estate Brokerage

Real Estate Brokerage

MTIP is bringing property owners, investors, landlords, and tenants all over the United States together with the best-qualified candidates and the most lucrative opportunities. Our team of dedicated realtors work hand-in-hand with our clients to provide the utmost personal care and service to all things related to leasing, buying, selling, or managing commercial real estate.

Buy, Sell, or Lease

Real Estate Brokerage

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Property Management

Property Management

MTIP team goes beyond just helping people buy and sell real estate. We help property owners manage the value of their investments with comprehensive strategies. Watch your real estate portfolio’s performance soar with reduced costs, fewer risks, and keen market insights. Click to have our expert management team offer you a free property management evaluation.

free property management evaluation

Property Management

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Building Bridges

Building Bridges

Real estate syndication funds are the lifeblood of commercial real estate ventures. MTIP has partnered and exclusively represents one of the most successful private real estate syndicates known as the BroadBridge Fund. If you are an investor interested in partnering with a strong and experienced syndicates of experts commercial real estate practitioner then I highly recommend that you

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Building Bridges

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We are ready, willing and able to execute on your behalf. Let MTIP help you find the success you were always meant to have and get in touch with us today.


  • Michael Makabi Michael Makabi CEO Founder

Featured Closed Deals

7108 Remmet Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91303 (OFF-MARKET DEAL)

INDUSTRIAL 7108 Remmet Ave is a office/retail building located in Canoga Park, CA 91303. Built in 1953, this property features 7,499 sq ft lot, and 1,912 sq ft building.

3408 Trinity St, Los Angeles, CA 90011 (OFF-MARKET DEAL)

INDUSTRIAL 3408 Trinity St is a warehouse building located in Los Angeles, CA 90011. Built in 1970, this property features 6,534 sq ft lot, and 4,711 sq ft building.

1244 Innes Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026 (OFF-MARKET DEAL)

FLASH 1244 Innes Ave was a church that was purchased as a multi-family mixed used land development located in Los Angeles, CA 90026. Property is now vacant land. This property features 10,019 sq ft lot, and 0 sq ft building.

14600 S Western Ave, Gardena CA 90249 (ON-MARKET DEAL)

INDUSTRIAL 14600 S Western Ave is a warehouse building located in Gardena, CA 90249. Built in 1947, this property features 52,272 sq ft lot, and 37,919 sq ft building.

3325 Russell St, Riverside, CA 92501 (ON-MARKET DEAL)

INDUSTRIAL 3325 Russell St is a warehouse building located in Riverside, CA 92501. Built in 1971, this property features 105,850 sq ft lot, and 52,400 sq ft building.

9601 Manchester Road, Rock Hull MO 63119 (ON-MARKET DEAL)

FLASH 9601 Manchester Road is a office/retail NNN investment building located in Rock Hull, MO 63119. Built in 2017, this property features 20,473 sq ft lot, and 4,800 sq ft building.

803 College Ave, Jackson, AL 36545 (ON-MARKET DEAL)

FLASH 803 College Ave is a retail NNN investment building located in Rock Hull, MO 63119. Built in 2017, this property features 22,215 sq ft lot, and 7,500 sq ft building.

1200 Albany Street Los Angeles CA 90015 (OFF-MARKET DEAL)

FLASH 1200 Albany Street Los Angeles CA 90015

1216 W. 7th Street Los Angeles 90017 (ON-MARKET DEAL)

1216 W. 7th Street Los Angeles 90017

3223 Burton Avenue Burbank CA 91504 (ON-MARKET DEAL)

FLASH 3223 Burton Avenue Burbank CA 91504


What our customers say about us

Josh T.

I was looking to get into the real estate game and had no prior skills or knowledge. I heard about MTIP Commercial Real Estate from a friend. They didn’t just find me an opportunity and allow me to leverage their network in order to obtain the deal, they taught me how to achieve these results on my own and develop a system that I could replicate. I can’t imagine what I would have done without their extremely valuable help and experienced experts.

David P.

So this review is long overdue, as Nataly has now secured two different commercial spaces (for lease) for me.
Nataly is extremely impressive, to say the least. She is diligent, professional and seems to have a knack for finding the perfect space (at almost unheard of price points), regardless of if it is advertised or off-market. And as if that wasn’t enough, two times now she has gotten me very favorable terms.
Thank you Nataly for your tenacity and your work ethic!!
I hope to write a follow-up review shortly, as we are a couple of months away from asking Nataly to find a larger space for my wife’s medical practice.

Taylor L.

I had a property on the market and I was not getting any offers. No one was calling and I had no clue how to go about selling this. Since it was an inheritance, I am not familiar with how to sell a property. I reached out to MTIP Commercial Real Estate to help answer some questions. After speaking with them about my property, they guided me through a path that not only boosted the value of my property but also generated a pool of buyers with cash offers for me to choose from.

Tim T.

I had a great experience with MTIP Commercial Real Estate. I had the privilege to work with Nataly Makabi, she is a good agent, profesional, always available, prompt, very knowledgeable, most importantly gets the deal closed. I highly recommend this business.

Donald M.

I was stuck with a partly developed property that had no value to anyone other than my vision and myself. In a world of stress and uncertainty, I boldly looked for a commercial real estate firm that could help me finish my project and bring value back to my property for the world to see. I found MTIP Commercial Real Estate. The professional and friendly experts there, not only helped me secure funding, but they were also able to assist me in finding a new set of contractors to finish my project on time and even better than I originally had planned. Now that I am up and running, our business has been amazing. We really appreciate the help and thorough assistance provided by MTIP Commercial Real Estate.